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Price Sheet
From 02/08/2021 the wholesale prices for the following products ΜΗ.ΣΥ.ΦΑ. of ALPHA OMEGA change.
Price list of ΜΗ.ΣΥ.ΦΑ. preparations

BarcodeΠεριγραφή ΠροϊόντοςXT
2802044902023SCHERIPROCT NEO OINT 30GR4,43
2802609101021DOLOPROCT CREAM 15GR5,38
2802609101038DOLOPROCT CREAM 30GR9,45
2801850903026FUNGORAL SHAMPOO 2% 120ML7,21

The “World Pharmacists” Organization is an official Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organization, founded in 1996 in Athens by a group of 24 Greek Pharmacists.
ELMIPHARM, wanting to contribute to the effort to deal with the fires that are evolving in our country, offers medicines, serums and masks to the Pharmacists of the World to be sent directly to the people who face the fires.

We invite our partners to contribute as much as they can to this effort


Μπορείτε να δείτε εδώ τις σχετικές οδηγίες από το Υπουργείο Υγείας


Recovery of medical mask of 3rd layer Type II impregnated with copper oxide LARISA FACE COVER SA

Following a decision of the AEO, the Type II 3rd layer face mask impregnated with copper oxide 50pcs of the company LARISA FACE COVER SA is recalled
due to risks to human health as well as to the environment.

Returns will only be accepted for purchases made by ELMIPHARM.
Returns must be completed by 02/08/2021.